3 Cool Uses For Ethereum

It is no surprise that cryptocurrency has been a growing phenomenon.  It seems that every day we are presented with a new breakthrough or new token on the market that everyone is hungry to grab a hold of.  Here are a few cool uses Ethereum can do you for you or your business.



  1. Gather investors

If you are in charge of a small yet growing startup company, you may want to consider attracting investors through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO’s).  Similar to how companys can sell off shares of stocks to investors, they can also sell parts of their company in the form of tokens with a promised values once the company reaches a certain goal.  This is a great alternative because the transaction is both seamless and easy to comprehend.  This is especially a great idea for tech-related startups who are looking to brand themselves as progressive-minded people.


2. Trade

Lets admit it.  Most, if not all of us first became interested in Cryptocurrency because of the implications of having real world value tied to digital assets.  We’ve all heard about those success stories of people who invest in a certain token early and end up millionares within a few years.  It’s no wonder that so many people are invested in cryptocurrency with the hopes of scoring big one day.  That small alt coin you overlooked a few days ago?  It went up 1000% under your very noses.  Damn! what a shame.

With its wide array of utilities and tools, there are countless Ethereum projects sprouting up, ranging from real-estate to agriculture to AI.  Discovering and researching these projects is like an Easter-egg hunt for investors who want in on the next token skyrocket.


3. Create

If you are an enthusiastic programmer like myself, you will find that Ethereum’s platform offer many tools to create your own Smart contracts.  You can even create games off of Ethereum.  Want to buy and sell virtual cats?  Head over to CryptoKitties! (https://www.cryptokitties.co/).   Seriously, the possibilities are endless.



And the list doesn’t stop here!  Only our imagination can limit us in how we can use Ethereum.

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