Welcome to Erc20TokenGen

Erc20TokenGen is the only website service in the world that generates tokens and ICO’s for a simple payment in fiat.  That means you do NOT have to go out of your way to pay in ETH or any other cryptocurrency token.  Also, you do NOT have to download or program anything, as we will do that for you.


Q: If the token is initially worth nothing, why does this service cost money?

A: Part of our cost is the manual labor of creating the original source code for the token and deploying it on the Ethereum blockchain. We ensure that the token has all the necessary components to run correctly.  Another part of the cost is the deployment itself, which costs ETH.  Any form of transaction or deployment on Ethereum will have a GAS price(gwei), that that price fluctuates depending on traffic density.  We will, of course, cover that GAS price with our own ETH.

Q: What can I do with my new token

A: Anything you want!  The amazing part of cryptocurrency is that you can do whatever you want, now that you are in full ownership.  You can send some to friends, family, or anybody on the internet.  You can use them as an arbitrary form of payment for your business.  You can even upload your token to an online exchange such as EtherDelta and allow others to trade it.  The possibilities are truly endless


We believe that everyone, regardless of technical ability and programming experience, should have the benefit and joy of diving into the wonderful world of cryptocurrency.  We also believe that one shouldn’t have to pay 3-12 BTC or other forms of cryptocurrency for such a service (cough cough other sites).

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