Coming soon: ICO Launch!

Thats right.  We will soon be expanding our service to help you create your very own ICO Launch.

What is an ICO?

ICO, which stands for Initial Coin Offering, is a way for people to market their token to the outside world.  With an ICO, you create a value for your coin that people can buy with.  For example, if you set your ICO price at 1000 tokens per ETH, you will recieve 1 ETH for every 1000 of your tokens that are bought.

Q: How do I run a successful ICO?

A: Running a successful ICO is all about marketing.  Without good marketing, no one will know about your token and no one will be inclined to invest ETH into it.  You have to give them a good reason to buy your token.  Our service only creates the ICO for you, so from there it is up to YOU on how you want to promote your token.  Advertise!  Promote!  Brand yourself.


Our service will create a basic ICO that you can utilize.  We will also run an in-depth audit check to make sure no one can hack the ICO and potentially steal ETH.   You will tell us the token name, symbol, decimals, conversion rate (how many ETH per token), start+end date, and bonus period conversation rate and how long you want that bonus period to last.


Stay tuned!

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